Tips for a Cleaner, Pet Friendly Home

Pets are good for the soul, but bad for the carpet and furniture. Luckily, with some smart housekeeping techniques and good grooming habits, you can have pets and a beautiful, smell-free home. These tips will help you keep your property and your pet in good order.

Groom Regularly

Pets can drag in a lot of bacteria and dirt on their fur. Grooming your pet on a regular basis can help prevent a lot of unwanted microorganisms and debris from making its way into your home. Brush your pet on a regular basis and wash your pet as frequently as the veterinarian allows. Be sure to check with your pet’s vet about the frequency of the washings, as washing too frequently may cause your pet’s skin to dry out. If your pet has long hair, take him or her in for regular trimmings, and consider cutting it short during the warmer seasons. Other tips for keeping your pet clean include:

  • Wipe down your pet’s feet after entering from the outside.
  • Trim fur between foot pads as soon as it begins to poke out between the pads of the feet.
  • Wipe your pet’s face after eating or drinking.
  • Trim your pet’s claws as soon as they become too long.

Buy the Right Furniture

Some types of furniture are easier to clean than others. Leather, for example, is relatively moisture resistant and stain resistant, and therefore easier to clean than materials like silk. Keep your pets in mind when shopping for furniture in your home. To protect the furniture you already own, cover mattresses with moisture-resistant covers and establish boundaries. Training your pet not to lay, walk or sit on the furniture, or training your pet to stay out of certain rooms of the house can help you maintain nice areas of your home.

Clean Often

Your home may need to be cleaned twice as often after bringing home a pet. Follow these tips to keep your house as clean as if you didn’t own an animal:

  • Vacuum high-traffic carpeted areas daily to get rid of pet hair on the floors. Use a vacuum spefically designed built to suck up pet hair.
  • Clean your cat’s litter box once daily. If two cats use the same box, then clean the litter box twice daily.
  • Wash stains as soon as they occur. Keep carpet and upholstery cleaner on hand and in large quantities. Train the rest of your family members to wash stains quickly, in case they occur while you’re not around.
  • Dry mop all hardwood and tile floors on a daily basis to prevent fur from building up in the corners of the room.
  • Establish a washing schedule for all slip covers, curtains, and bedding.

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