Watch the Webinar: NASC Pet Food Label Modernization Training

Video from our February 29 Pet Food Label Modernization Training is now available. Watch as the NASC Compliance Team provides helpful education on AAFCO’s Pet Food Label Modernization (PFLM), plus guidance on how food supplement labeling will change due to the new¬† AAFCO Pet Food Model Regulations. This webinar focuses on how these changes will affect companies that market Food Supplements for dogs and cats.

Watch Webinar | View Slide Deck

More about PFLM
In 2015, the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) began its Pet Food Label Modernization project with the goal of updating the Pet Food Model Regulations to improve consumer understanding when reviewing labels, comparing pet food products, and bringing pet food labeling more in line with human food labeling.

In July 2023, AAFCO membership approved the proposed changes, which include:

  • An Intended Use Statement,
  • A standardized way to present nutrition information,
  • Clear and consistent listing of ingredients, and
  • The inclusion of storage and handling instructions.

The new Pet Food Model Regulations are in the 2024 AAFCO Official Publication (OP). To learn more, visit and search “PFLM” or “Official Publication.”