What are some of the meaningful accomplishments NASC has achieved in the past 20 years?

  • Submitted a written plan to address the issue of dietary supplements for companion animals and horses
  • Developed and implemented Good Manufacturing Practice quality standards
  • Developed and required members to comply with an Adverse Event Reporting System
  • Developed labeling and claims guidelines for our members’ products
  • Reduced STOP SALES if products are properly labeled
  • Submitted ingredient definition approvals for Glucosamine and MSM
  • Established communication with other countries in major markets
  • Worked cooperatively with AAFCO, many States and FDA/CVM
  • Been highly active in Washington D.C.
  • Increased consumer awareness
  • Established a research database supporting ingredient benefits
  • Established an independent Scientific Advisory Committee for members’ product ingredients
  • Conducted training programs for members and business partners
  • Taken action regionally to defend our industry
  • Established positive working relationships with regulatory agencies
  • Established alliances with human industry counterpart organizations
  • Presented NASC and our quality  program at the National Academies of Sciences / Nutritional Research Council
  • Provided FDA/CVM, States and AAFCO information for the Melamine pet food recall without issues to NASC members
  • Increased membership to represent over 90% of the US industry
  • Educated animal owners and business partners
  • Developed an independent quality audit verification program for member companies
  • And many others …