Membership Benefits

NASC is committed to being member-directed by a diverse group of industry participants. Your concerns are our concerns! It is the goal of NASC for the council and its members to clearly become the leading experts on the quality and safety of animal health supplements in the global arena. By joining NASC, your company can clearly announce to the world that you too are committed to quality, consistency and continuous improvement to promote the health and wellbeing of animals around the globe!
  • NASC works to gain formal approval for the sale of certain novel ingredients that are now deemed to be “illegal” and “unapproved” by many state agriculture departments.
  • NASC seeks to ease the product approval process for member companies by funding the collection of clinical data on the safety and efficacy of certain active ingredients through ongoing member-sponsored research initiatives.
  • NASC leverages resources among our members to address financial, research, education, political and regulatory initiatives.
  • NASC provides a single respected conduit for all stakeholders to address critical issues surrounding animal health supplement providers.
  • NASC members’ products may display the NASC Quality Seal on product labels, websites, product literature and advertisements, providing a symbol of quality assurance for consumers and other stakeholders.
  • NASC membership confers an expectation of quality assurance for consumers and regulators.
  • NASC works to pass industry standards on manufacturing facilities, the safety of active ingredients and finished products, adverse event reporting and marketing claims, allowing the industry a strong say in its own regulation.
  • NASC members serve on committees of their choice to further our goal of becoming the leading expert resource on quality animal health supplements. News And Special Communiques, the official NASC newsletter, provides all the latest news and accomplishments of the organization. Regular conference calls update members, and critical issues and responses are swiftly posted on the members-only portion of this website.

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