Scannable Pet ID Tags

A pet getting lost, even for just a short while, can be a scary and devastating experience. Luckily, there are many things you can do as a pet owner to ensure that your pet will be returned to you if you’re ever separated. A relatively new product from PetHub makes a quick reunion with your pet more possible.

Scannable ID Tags

PetHub ID tags include a scannable URL compatible with smartphones. On one side of the laser-etched tag pet is a web link that can be typed into a browser on any computer. On the other side of the tag is a barcode that can be read by iPhone or Android phones.

The URL is essentially a page that contains information about your pet. If your pet should ever become lost, anyone who visits the website will have access to information that could help deliver your pet safely back to you.

Meanwhile, anyone with the proper software downloaded onto their phone can scan the barcode and pull up basic information about your pet. As the pet’s owner, you can control what information is posted about your pet. Should your pet ever become lost, you’ll be able to modify the information on the weblink.

This system can help you deliver essential information about your pet to anyone who finds him or her. In addition to providing instructions for a pet’s safe return, you can also provide information about medications, allergies and other important characteristics about your pet. This will enable whomever finds your pet to take proper care of your animal friend until he or she can be returned to you.

More Action You Can Take to Protect Your Pet

There are many things you can do to protect your pet from becoming lost. Keeping your pet’s license information up to date with your local pet licensing agency is important. Remember to update your address every time you move.

Some pet owners also choose to get their pet microchipped at the veterinarian. Microchips are surgically installed and are encrypted with your pet’s personal information. In the event that your pet is found, this microchip can be scanned and read at any facility with the proper equipment to ensure that your pet is returned to you in a timely fashion.

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