Pet Safety Tips for the Holidays

Halloween is over and the holidays are just around the corner! This can be a fun time of year, but it can also be a hazardous time for pets. As you gear up for events with family, gifts and food, take precautions to ensure that your pet is safe this holiday season. Knowing the potential hazards and how to protect your pet can help ensure a fun and happy November and December.

Keep Candy, Fudge and Fatty Snacks Out of Your Pet’s Reach

Baked goods may be tasty but they’re also bad for pets. Chocolate in particular is hazardous for cats and dogs, and should never be fed to your pet. Even chocolate in small quantities, like in the form of chocolate chips, can be dangerous if your animal is small enough and the chocolate is in a concentrated form.

Baked goods without chocolate can also be bad for pets. Remember that sugar can cause weight problems and dental problems, and for pets with diabetes, sugary foods can be dangerous. Keep all baked goods up away from your pet’s reach. If your pet has a habit of jumping on tables or counters, keep your baked goods safely stored in a freezer where your pet can’t sneak them.

Keep Your Pet Away from Your Christmas Tree

Some pets are attracted to shiny objects, bright lights and strings. This is especially true of puppies and kittens, who may find your Christmas tree to be an irresistible treasure. You can protect your Christmas tree by placing it in a location your pet can’t easily reach, like up on a table, or by placing a baby gate around the perimeter of the Christmas tree.

When hanging holiday lights on the Christmas tree, keep the extra length of cord hidden beneath the tree skirt or behind nearby furniture. If your pet is especially attracted to a certain type of Christmas tree ornament, like squishy ornaments that are easy to chew, place those ornaments on the upper branches.

Train Visiting Family Members to Be Pet Safe

Your immediate family, like your kids and your spouse, are probably all used to following the rules that keep your pet safe. ┬áPolicies like “never feed the dog from the table” and “keep all medications closed securely in the medicine cabinet” are important rules that help ensure your pet’s health and safety. However, visiting relatives and friends may not know these rules and may not know how to keep your pet safe. When visitors arrive, tell them about your family rules to ensure that they are followed and your pet is safe.

Watch the Weather Report

This is a time of year when the temperature outside may reach dangerous lows. This is also a time of year when some pets may spend more time outside than inside, to reduce the chaos in the house when family comes to visit.

If your pet is spending extra time in the dog house in the back yard, provide your pet with accessories that will help him or her stay safe. A heated blanket, a bowl that prevents your pet’s water from freezing and a dry shelter will keep your pet comfortable on long winter days. Pay close attention to the weather report. If the weather outside drops, bring your pet inside. This will help ensure that your pet is safe.

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