Keep Your Pet Safe This Halloween

Halloween is a time of great fun and joy pets! However, Halloween can also be a time of dangers and hazards for many animals. Whether you’re taking your pet trick-or-treating or leaving your pet at home, there are many ways that your pet can get hurt or cause mischief on Halloween night. The following safety tips will help you keep your pet safe and out of trouble this October 31st.

  1. Never feed your pet Halloween candy. Halloween candy can contain ingredients that are bad for pets. Two common examples include chocolate and xylitol, a common ingredient found in sugarless candies. To avoid problems, never give your pet Halloween candy.
  2. Keep your Halloween candy up and out of your pet’s reach. You’ll have Halloween candy laying around your house for days before and after the big event. To prevent your pet from getting into it without your permission, store it in the freezer where your pet can’t reach it.
  3. Talk to your children about keeping your pet safe from Halloween candy. Your children may think sharing candy with pets is a nice thing to do. To avoid an emergency run to the veterinarian, set your kids straight before Halloween night.
  4. Put reflective gear on your pet if your pet is coming trick-or-treating. Before trick-or-treating, put a reflective vest on your pet’s body to avoid accidents and encounters with cars.
  5. Be sure to put on your pet’s collar before taking your pet out on Halloween night. Your pet’s collar will help ensure your pet’s safe return if you’re separated during trick-or-treating.
  6. Don’t leave your pet in your yard overnight on Halloween. Neighborhood teenagers may go out pranking on Halloween night, and sometimes that can lead to stolen pets. Keep all pets, especially black cats, indoors on this particular night.
  7. If dressing your pet for the holiday, test the costume ahead of time to ensure that it’s safe. Your pet’s costume should not prevent your pet from seeing properly, nor should it inhibit your pet’s movements or prevent your pet from breathing easily. Have your pet try on his or her costume ahead of time to ensure that your pet will be comfortable and safe on Halloween.
  8. Use electric candles in pumpkins to prevent pet-related accidents. Pets don’t really understand the dangers of fire, and a pet that gets excited can easily knock over a pumpkin. To avoid fire hazards, put an electric candle inside your pumpkin instead of a real candle.
  9. Keep your pet away from strangers if he or she has a tendency to bite. Halloween can be stressful for pets who don’t like strangers. If your pet has a tendency to bite people he or she doesn’t know, then your pet should not be allowed near trick-or-treaters when they come to the door. Put your pet in a safe place somewhere in the house where he or she will not have access to your front door.
  10. Keep electric cords and decorations out of your pet’s reach. Pets like to play with, and sometimes consume, shiny bright decorations. To avoid accidents and injuries, keep decorations away from your pet, especially if your pet is very young or is attracted to bright, shiny objects.

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