Keep Your Furry Friends Jolly this Holiday Season! Holiday Tips for Pet Owners

The holidays are coming! Many pet owners like to include their pets in their family festivities at this joyous time of year. At NASC, we encourage pet owners to find healthy, safe ways to celebrate the holidays with their animal friends. The following tips will help you get your pet involved in the holiday celebrations in the coming weeks.

Give Your Pet A Special Treat

The best foods for your pet are those foods that are specifically formulated for your type of pet. Commercial puppy food, for example, has all the right balance of vitamins, minerals and protein that your pet needs. The best way to give your pet a special treat at the holidays is to buy your pet a healthy snack that you wouldn’t ordinarily buy. Your pet will enjoy the change in diet for a day while still getting the nutrition he or she needs.

Some pet owners like to give their pets food from the table during their holiday feasts. This should be done with caution. Some foods, like onions, garlic, leaks and chocolate are toxic for cats and dogs and should be avoided. If you truly want to share your holiday meal with your pet, lean cuts of turkey with the skin and bones removed can be digested by cats and dogs. Avoid giving your pet anything with spices, dairy, extra fat or sugar. Run any foods past your pet’s veterinarian to ensure that they’re safe for your pet to eat.

Give Your Pet a Holiday Coat or Jacket

If your pet goes outside to exercise, giving your pet a special holiday coat or jacket is a great way to keep your pet warm on chilly winter nights. Picking the most colorful, festive holiday sweater possible will also help ensure that your pet will look the part when the holidays roll around.

Include Your Pet in Present-Opening Fun

Pets can enjoy opening presents just as much as people. When preparing gifts for your pet, keep the wrapping simple and use as little tape as possible. If your pet has never opened a gift before, try leaving one end of the gift open for your pet to see inside. Supervise your pet with the gift as he or she unwraps each present, and take the paper from your pet before he or she tries to eat it. Giving your pet one hard chew toy at the beginning of the evening will give your pet something to play with and gnaw on while other members of the family open their presents.

A Quiet Place to Go

Some pets can feel stress when guests come to visit. Giving your pet a quiet place to go will help your animal friend enjoy the holidays and feel less stress when visitors are around. Make your pet’s spot comfortable and keep it somewhat isolated from the activity in your house, so your pet will feel like he or she has privacy when it’s needed.

Join the National Animal Supplement Council

The National Animal Supplement Council is dedicated to the task of ensuring that your pet is safe and healthy at the holidays and the rest of the year. We encourage pet owners to feed their pets supplements to help them stay healthy. To join our organization and support our cause, visit our website today.