NRC Report on Dietary Supplements for Horses, Dogs and Cats

A report from the National Research Council on the Safety of Dietary Supplements for Horses, Dogs and Cats is now available. The President of NASC, Bill Bookout, responds to the committee’s key observations and conclusions in a supplemental issue of the NASC Newsletter, Extra Communiqué.


To assist in making decisions about the safety of dietary supplements for horses, dogs and cats, the Food and Drug Administration requested the National Research Council (NRC) to produce a report on the safety of supplements. A committee of experts was established with two main goals: review factors to consider when evaluating the safety of any animal dietary supplement and assess the safety of three specific ingredients (lutein, evening primrose oil and garlic).


The full report will be available in December; however, a 4-page Report Brief and an Executive Summary prepared by the NRC have been released (see links to the two documents below). Articles based on these documents have appeared in trade publications. Bill Bookout, President of NASC, provides insights from a NASC perspective on the committee’s findings and recommendations in Extra Communique.


Click on these links to read the NRC Report Brief and Executive Summary, and Comments from the NASC President:


NRC Report on the Safety of Dietary Supplements for Horses, Dogs and Cats

Report Brief

Executive Summary

 Extra Communique – Comments from the NASC President on the NRC Report