FDA Cautions Against Feeding Lot #175331 of Aunt Jeni’s Raw Pet Food

  Affected Product:
Lot #175331 of Aunt Jeni’s Home Made All-Natural Raw Turkey Dinner Dog Food, 5-lb., sell-by date NOV 2020

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Aunt Jeni’s Home Made

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is cautioning pet owners not to feed their pets one lot of Aunt Jeni’s Home Made raw frozen pet food after a sample collected in January 2020 from a store in the District of Columbia tested positive for Salmonella Infantis. The Salmonella was found to be resistant to multiple antibiotic drugs. To date, no animal illnesses from this lot have been reported.

The affected product is:
Aunt Jeni’s Home Made All-Natural Raw Turkey Dinner Dog Food | Lot: 175331 only | Size: 5 lb. (2.3 kg.) | Sell-by Date: NOV202o

Aunt Jeni’s Home Made pet food products are sold frozen online and through retail locations. Lot codes to help identify product are printed on the lower right corner of the front of the bag. This product lot represents a serious threat to human and animal health. If you have any of the affected product, stop feeding it to your pets and throw it away in a secure container where other animals, including wildlife, cannot access it. If you have any Aunt Jeni’s Turkey Dinner product and cannot determine the lot code, FDA recommends that you exercise caution and throw the product away.

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