Camping with your Furry Companion

Camping with pets can be stressful if you’re not properly prepared, but a well-planned camping trip with pets can be a lot of fun! Knowing what to bring, how to prepare your pet, and how to keep your pet safe and happy on the trip will help you enjoy yourself while you’re out camping with your animal companion.

Preparing for Camping

  • Do your research. Not all campgrounds allow pets on the premises. Find out ahead of time if your pet will be allowed at your campsite.
  • Talk to your pet’s vet. Your pet’s vet will be able to tell you if your pet is up to date on his or her shots and heartworm treatment. Talk to your pet’s vet before you leave to find out if there are any treatments your pet needs before the trip.
  • Get tags up to date. Having tags may become important if your pet becomes lost on the trip. Make sure your pet’s tags are up to date to avoid problems.
  • Pack wisely. Pets need food, water, and sometimes they need medicine! Bring all the supplies your pet needs in order to live comfortably at your campsite for the duration of your trip. Don’t forget to bring a few toys and your pet’s leash as well.

On the Trip

While you’re on your camping trip, follow these tips to keep your pet safe and to prevent your pet from bothering other campers at neighboring sites.

  • Keep your pet comfortable. Pets can get heat stroke or suffer from hypothermia if they’re not properly cared for in times of extreme weather. Be sure that your pet has access to shelter, food, and water throughout the duration of your trip, especially if the temperatures outside reach extreme highs or lows.
  • Keep your pet on a leash. Your pet should not be allowed to wander away from your campsite without you. Keeping your pet on a leash will prevent your pet from bothering your neighbors and will also prevent your pet from becoming lost in the wilderness.
  • Check your pet for ticks. Ticks are a common problem, especially in overgrown grassy areas. Learn to check your pet for ticks, how to recognize a tick on your pet’s skin, and how to remove a tick if you find one. Feel your pet’s skin regularly throughout the trip, combing your fingers through your pet’s fur. Pay close attention to the folds of your pet’s skin, like in the armpits and between your pet’s toes. Ticks are small, hard and pea-shaped. To remove a tick, pull straight up. Do not pull the tick off your pet’s body at an angle, and do not allow the head of the tick to stay inside your pet.

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