Methods for Keeping Your Pet Stress-Free During a Move

Methods for Keeping Your Pet Stress-Free During a Move

Moving is hard for people, but it’s often even more overwhelming for our furry friends. Dogs, cats, and other pets all feel the stress of moving, which is why you’ll have to consider their needs as you plan your transition. Below, find out what you can do before, during, and after your move to help your pet get settled in their new home.

Packing Pet Supplies

Staying organized is one of the best ways to avoid stress on moving day. Keep in mind that pets can read our emotions, which means anything you can do to keep your stress in check can also have an impact on your pet’s comfort level.

In addition to keeping your personal belongings in order, you can make things easier on yourself by packing all of your pet supplies together so your pet’s favorite things will be easy to find as soon as you step foot in your new place.

Because pets feel comforted by familiar items, you might want to save packing your pet’s belongings for last. Items your pet uses every day should remain easily accessible rather than being stowed away in the back of the moving truck. 

Protect Your Pet On Moving Day

Moving day may be the most stressful part of transitioning to a new home. With a flurry of activity around your home, it’s important to ensure your pet isn’t underfoot where they could get injured or escape from the house. If you can, consider asking a friend or relative to watch over your companion for the day or take them to a daycare or boarding facility.

If those options aren’t available consider crating your pet or confining them to a secure room where noise and commotion won’t cause them stress, and they can’t slip away through a door left open. You can also help relieve your pet’s stress with solutions such as calming aids, pheromone diffusers, and additional toys or high-value treats. 

Getting Settled in Your New Home

Depending on your pet’s personality, it might be exciting or overwhelming to explore a brand-new home. Fortunately, there are numerous ways to make a new house feel like a fun and safe place to be. Maintaining your routines, unpacking pet supplies first, setting up your pet’s bed, and making the home smell like you are all little things that will go a long way in helping your pet make a smooth transition.

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