Holiday Travels with Your Pet

The holidays are coming, and across the country many pet owners are planning to travel with their animal companions. Going places with your pet over the holidays can be a lot of fun, as long as you do it safely and prepare in advance. The following tips will help you get ready for travel with a pet this holiday season.

Get Medicines Ahead of Time

If your pet has a prescription for medication, count the doses that you have on hand. Plan to bring enough medicine for the duration of the trip, and bring some extra medication as well, just in case you become stranded due to weather conditions. If you need more medicine, buy it well in advance so you’ll be sure to have as much as you need when it’s time to go.

Clear Travel with Your Vet

Some types of travel can be very stressful for pets. In addition, some medical conditions can make traveling unsafe for pets. Before you leave, talk to your pet’s veterinarian about your travel plans. This will give your pet’s veterinarian a chance to tell you about any hazards that could interfere with your pet’s health during your trip.

Keep Food and Litter Consistent

Your pet is likely used to eating the same foods and, if your pet is a cat, using the same kind of litter all the time. Changing brands during your trip could cause problems for your pet. Use your normal pet food throughout the duration of your trip, and keep your pet’s brand of litter the same. If you’re not sure whether or not you can buy your pet’s preferred brands at your destination, bring them with you in your luggage.

Bring Something From Home

Your pet may have a beloved blanket or toy that he or she finds comforting. Pack this item in your luggage to ensure that your pet has something to provide stress relief during your travels.

Get Tags and Identification In Order

Your pet’s tags provide positive identification for your pet, in the event that he or she is lost. Make your pet wear his or her collar throughout the duration of your trip. Be sure to update your address with your local animal control office to ensure that your pet will be returned safely if you become separated during your journey.

Make Flight and Hotel Arrangements in Advance

Airlines and hotels typically require travelers with pets to make arrangements in advance. Call ahead to ensure your pet is cleared to accompany you on all legs of your journey. Familiarize yourself with pet-related policies that you will have to adhere to while traveling. For example, many pet-friendly hotels will not allow pets to be left alone on the premises. If you are staying at a hotel with your pet, make arrangements to bring your pet with you whenever you leave your room.

Make Car Travel Safe for Your Pet

Driving with your pet loose in your car is dangerous. Use a crate or a harness to keep your pet properly restrained while you drive. If your pet is an inexperienced passenger in motor vehicles, drive your pet around town starting several weeks in advance of your trip. This will ensure that your pet is used to car travel when you set out on your journey.

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