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High-Tech Gadgets for Busy Pet Parents

The digital age has given birth to a ton of high-tech pet gadgets that make squeaky toys or a feather on a string seem, well, boring. If you’re an interactive pet parent who enjoys playing with (and spoiling) your furry BFF, then you’ll love what we’ve rounded up!

Read on for some of the best and most technologically advanced trackers, feeders, toys, and over-the-top items that will make your friends and their pets jealous!

GPS and Health Trackers

There are many trackers and monitors on the market today, with the two most popular being the Whistle Health + GPS and The Fi Collar. Both devices are activity trackers for your four-legged friends that help you monitor both their location and their wellbeing. 

These are waterproof trackers with real-time tracking and long-lasting batteries. They include nationwide pet tracking with location and escape alerts available by email, app, and text. These trackers use a combination of GPS, Wi-Fi, and cellular tech to deliver the most accurate tracking possible, so you’ll always know your pet’s location. The app that accompanies each tracker also allows you to measure your pet’s sleep patterns, set daily activity goals, track progress and view activity graphs.

While these collars are on the pricey end (ranging from $100-$150 for the device, not including the yearly subscription fee) they just may be worth the investment because you simply cannot put a price on peace of mind.

Pet Cameras

If you worry about your furry friend when he’s home alone, a pet cam may be the gadget for you! If your pet is prone to making mischief or messes when left alone too long, pet cams give you the ability to check in from wherever, whenever. Depending on the model and how much you want to spend, you can choose from cams with features such as two-way communication via your smartphone, or even the ability to remotely toss a treat when your sweetie is being a very good boy!


If your throwing arm is getting a bit achy or you just want to really tire your dog out so you can get some work done, the iFetch Ball Launcher might be the gadget for you. This amazing ball robot can launch tennis balls up to 30 feet and runs on either an AC Adapter or six C-cell batteries. Once powered up, you (or your well-trained canine) drop the ball into the top and the ball is launched out of the machine. With ball launchers for big dogs, small dogs, indoor dogs, outdoor dogs, and every kind of dog in between, iFetch has something for every pup.

And let’s not forget playtime gadgets for our feline friends! The CSHope Interactive Robotic Cat Toy offers high-tech fun that is sure to keep your cat active throughout the day. The robotic toy automatically navigates around your home, encouraging your kitty to give chase. It can run for three to four hours on a single charge, and even offers three different speed settings to cater to cats of different ages and athletic abilities. This next-level cat toy also has multiple toy attachments to ensure there is something that will catch every feline’s eye.

Auto Feeders and Waterers

Between work, school, events and normal daily tasks, it’s easy to find yourself away from home longer than expected. To make sure your four-legged friend gets fed right on time, you can use the help of an automatic feeder, which allows you to easily set mealtimes and portion sizes that dispense automatically so your pet is never left with hunger pangs.

If you’re in the process of upgrading to an automatic feeder, why not throw a smart water fountain into the mix as well? After all, standard water bowls are boring and water stagnates quickly. Most models of automatic water fountains are capable of holding a lot of water and quietly dispensing in a variety of flow modes. These gadgets can be found at a variety of price points that fit every budget, and some higher-end versions even feature upgrades such as automatic pump shut-off if the fountain runs too low or an LED indicator to tell you when it’s time to change out the filter. No matter the model you pick, your pet will definitely appreciate the constant supply of cool, clean water!

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