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DIY Holiday Treats

The holidays are upon us and one of the best parts is sharing love, laughter, memories, and a whole lot of food with friends and family. While you may be tempted to slip your pet a few bites under the table, resist! Instead, offer a holiday treat that’s both safer and healthier than table scraps.

We’ve gathered some of our favorite holiday treats formulated especially for your furry friend. DIY treats are a safe, healthy, and loving way to let your pet share in the festivities. Plus, many of these recipes use up your leftovers—or ingredients you already have on hand!

Pumpkin Pie Dog Biscuits

This pumpkin pie dog biscuit recipe is sure to please even the pickiest of pooches! Not only is it tasty, but pumpkin can help with digestion and is a well-regarded cure for upset bellies. These crunchy biscuits are also easy to bake and store, making them the perfect holiday-themed treat.

Pumpkin Apple Mint Snack Bones

As much as we love our dogs, we must admit that their breath sometimes isn’t the most delightful! With this recipe, our furry friends can enjoy their own version of an after-dinner mint. This recipe includes fresh parsley and mint that will work to counteract smelly breath, while the delicious pumpkin-apple base provides a sweet flavor.

Fresh or Cooked Veggies

It wouldn’t be a holiday meal without the classic green bean casserole, but all that fat, sodium, and seasoning isn’t easy on your fur baby’s tummy. Instead, offer up some wholesome veggies. Green beans, carrots, broccoli and brussels sprouts (to name a few) are nutritious options that dogs and cats love to eat steamed, boiled, roasted or grilled. They can be added on top of a regular meal or served as a low-calorie treat.

Holiday “Stew” Food Topper

Pumpkin puree, sweet potatoes, and apples are loaded with vitamins and nutrients and are safe to feed to your cat or dog. Chop up some apples and sweet potatoes into bite-sized pieces and set aside. Blend the pumpkin into a puree. Then, mix your apple bites and sweet potato pieces into your pureed pumpkin for a sweet and delicious “stew” your furry friend will go crazy for!

Pumpkin Spice Cat Treats

Although dogs tend to be the ones lingering under the dining table, we’re sure that cats are just as intrigued when it comes to a holiday feast! Here’s a recipe just for your cat that will certainly get them into the holiday spirit. It’s a simple DIY treat recipe and a great way to let your cat experience the iconic flavors of fall!

Holiday Foods to Avoid

Many of our holiday favorites are more likely to cause simple digestive upset for our pets, but a few foods are downright dangerous. Because safety always comes first, be sure to check out our previous blog about holiday foods your pet should avoid. Even a quick glance at this blog will ensure safe and healthy holiday snacking for your pet. 

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