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DIY Holiday Gifts for your Pets

Putting a whole lotta love, thought and care into homemade holiday gifts is one of the best things about this time of year! Maybe it’s the element of surprise or the gift being a one-of-a-kind, but there’s just something so special about a homemade present. From cute homemade dog toys to clever DIY advent calendars, now you can get crafty this season with our round-up of adorable homemade gift ideas for your furry friends!

DIY Cat Toys

Cardboard Cat Palace: Save some of the boxes (a minimum of three is best) from your holiday shopping spree to create a cardboard cat palace. How you design it is up to you; some ideas include adding windows, multiple levels, or even some holiday decorations. For full directions, click here.

An Easy Scratch Board: Instead of having your cat scratch up your furniture, allow them to use their claws on this toy. Buy scraps of carpet from the hardware store and glue them to a wooden board using wood glue or liquid nails – let dry for 24 hours. If you want to hang it on a doorknob or from an existing cat tree, you can pick up a pack of D-ring hangers from the hardware store and attach them to the back of the scratcher. Once secure, you can thread a piece of twine or rope through the D-rings.

Wine Cork Toys: If you’ve been saving wine corks, this DIY toy is for you! Make a small hole in the top of the cork and then hot glue ribbons, feathers, and string into the hole. Once dry, these are the perfect toy for your cat to chase and bat around. If you want, you can also attach these DIY toys to some string and a long stick so you and your cat can play together.

DIY Dog Toys

Braided Tug Toy: Take those old t-shirts you never wear from the back of your closet and make them into a holiday gift for your pup! Cut each of the shirts into 9 long strips. Once you’ve cut up all the shirts you want, gather the strips together and tie a big knot at one end. Separate the strips into three piles and then start braiding. When you’re done braiding, tie another knot at the end and voila! A brand new tug toy. 

Tennis Ball Treat Dispenser: Another good use for a tennis ball besides fetch is making it into a treat dispenser. Using a box cutter, make a cross cut on one side of the tennis ball and insert a couple of treats. Then give it to your dog and watch them burn some energy to earn pieces of their favorite snack.

Plastic Bottle Toy: Many dogs love the crunch of an empty plastic bottle when they bite down on it. If this is your dog, these are easy to turn into a fun new toy they will love. You can even make different toys with different sized bottles. For smaller bottles, like an empty plastic water bottle, remove the cap and plastic ring, put it in an old sock and tightly knot on the end. That’s all!

Other Holiday DIYs  

Toilet Paper Roll Treat Dispenser: Turn an empty toilet paper roll into a toy filled with snacks! Fold one end of the roll down, fill the tube with treats, and then fold the other end down. From there, you can either leave one end slightly open so treats are able to come out when your pet plays with it, or you can poke small holes in the middle of the roll for treats to dispense. 

Make an Advent calendar: The best part about this one is that it starts with an inexpensive 24 drawer organizer that you can reuse year after year! After purchasing an organizer, you can decorate it however you like with items from your local craft store. Once the drawers are decorated and each has been assigned a number, then it’s just a matter of filling each drawer. You can fill your pet’s advent calendar with festive treats, small toys, and maybe even a coupon for a free pup cup or a belly rub!

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