5 Dog Friendly Vacations To Take This Summer

Many pet owners long to bring their pets with them on their vacations, but finding a pet-friendly city can be difficult. Bringing your pet with you when you travel is only viable if you know that the local hotels, eateries and culture will be accepting of your beloved animal friend. The following 5 popular vacation destinations are well-known pet-friendly vacation spots, teeming with pet-friendly hotels and tourist attractions.

Santa Barbara, CA

Located on the Pacific ocean, Santa Barbara enjoys mild temperatures and refreshing breezes throughout the year. Best of all, beaches are one of the main attractions in this ocean-side city! Pets who love to romp through sand and salty water will have the time of their lives in this hip but beautiful vacation spot. Some of the best pet-friendly destinations in Santa Barbara include:

  • Douglas Family Preserve, an off-leash park featuring hiking trails.
  • Hendry’s Beach, an off-leash beach where your pet can run through the sand.

Las Vegas, NV

Anything can happen in Vegas! Your pet will have the time of his or her life people-watching and walking down the busy sidewalks on the Vegas strip. Some of the most popular pet-friendly activities in Vegas include:

  • Red Rock Canyon, a park outside Vegas that features hiking trails for pets on-leash.
  • Desert Breeze Dog Park, a park specifically for dogs, featuring fenced-in areas for small and large dogs.

Destin, FL

This exotic getaway on the Gulf of Mexico is every dog and dog-owner’s fantasy vacation destination. Featuring white-sand beaches, cozy rental cottages and a thriving culture of pet owners, Destin, FL is especially good for out-doorsy animals. A few of the best activities for pet owners in Destin, FL, include:

  • Crab Island Cruises, a pet-friendly boating company that will take you and your pet out on the water for a day of fun in the sun.
  • Destin Dog Park, a dog park where your pet can run loose in a fenced in area.

Branson, MO

Branson, MO is a city known for its musical and theatrical attractions. This hot spot of rockin‘ tunes and good food isn’t the first place that pet owners think of when they consider vacation places for their pets, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t pet friendly! Some of the best places for pets in Branson, MO include:

  • Busters Old Time Photos, where you can get your photo taken with your pet while wearing old-time getup!
  • Table Rock State Park, a park where your pet can join you on hiking trails, a boating expedition or a picnic on the grass.

Myrtle Beach, SC

Myrtle Beach is another ocean-side paradise where pet owners can enjoy time lounging in the sun, having fun on a boat or enjoying a good meal on a shady patio. Best of all, pets can enjoy these outdoor activities with their owners. Some pet-friendly locations in Myrtle Beach include:

  • Barc Park South, where your pet can play in a lake while you lounge in the shade.
  • Myrtle Beach, a pet-friendly beach, where pets can run on the beach at certain specific times of the day.

Enjoy Your Vacation!

National Animal Supplement Council hopes you’ll have a rewarding and enjoyable summer with your pet! We help pet owners care for their pets through responsible feeding practices and good nutrition. If you’d like become a member of the NASC, contact us today.