Chou2 Pharma


This Primary Supplier has been personally interviewed by NASC to ensure they understand membership requirements, as well as the quality standards they must uphold. They have also passed a rigorous independent audit of their facilities, earning them permission to display the Quality Seal, which demonstrates to consumers their commitment to the highest standards of quality in the industry.

NASC Certified Supplier

About Chou2 Pharma

Chou2 Pharma was founded on the mission of unconditional love. They create cannabinoid-based health supplements for pets, with the same care and attention that our beloved pets bring to our lives. With the most pure and precise techniques, their team of veterinarians and scientists has crafted a line of products designed to fit every chapter of a dog’s life (soon to include cats and horses, too!) From soothing pup’s during scary thunderstorms and fireworks, to supporting dog’s hips and joints on long walks and play dates, to upgrading fido’s probiotic for better digestion, to ensuring dignity and comfort during senior years – Chou2 Pharma gives 100%, so your pup can live life to the fullest. Their products feature 0% THC, trade-secret encapsulation methods for improved bioavailability, and science-driven formulations based on pet’s unique needs. Their team features career veterinarians and top cannabinoid scientists. Learn more at

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