Recall InfoLink


The Preferred Supplier program is about quality and confidence in the supply chain from start to finish. In order to display the Preferred Supplier seal, participating companies satisfy stringent acceptance criteria each year to ensure ongoing compliance. If they are a Preferred Supplier, you can trust they’ve taken the critical steps necessary to display the seal.

NASC Certified Supplier

About Recall InfoLink

Recall InfoLink was built by a team of industry experts, based on GS1 standards, to provide product recall management services across the entire supply chain. Like running a fire drill, the Recall Ready™ service modernizes the mock recall process, allowing companies that don’t run recalls often to practice the important steps of the recall process beyond just a traceability exercise. The Recall Responsive™ service complements the Recall Ready™ service when something goes wrong.  Operating on a cloud-based platform, the service allows you to easily start recalls with a standardized process, push communication to those who need to see it, track recall progress in real time, and generate automatic reports for internal and regulatory compliance needs. Together, these services provide comprehensive product recall management for faster and easier recalls to protect your brand, business, and customers.

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