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About PLT Health Solutions

We’re Here to Help Build Your Brands

PLT Health Solutions is a discoverer, developer, and marketer of high-quality, scientifically supported ingredient solutions for the natural products, food & beverage, cosmeceuticals, and animal health markets. Our goal is to bring innovative and impactful solutions that help our consumer products customers develop new concepts, new products, and grow successful brands. Today, the company delivers solutions across a number of health and wellness platforms that respond to existing and emerging market demand. These solutions include over 30 proprietary branded ingredients that are considered either market or scientific leaders in their categories – as well as the supply of high-quality botanicals, extracts, raw materials, and functional materials.

Headquartered in Morristown, NJ (near New York City), for over 70 years PLT Health Solutions has prided ourselves on our commitment to creativity, integrity and helping our employees, our customers and our partners succeed.

Committed to Science, Service & Quality

An important part of work for our customers and strategic partners are the committed and qualified people who work at PLT Health Solutions and the resources we invest in supporting our ingredient solutions in the market. At PLT Health Solutions, we have our own R&D programs in which we employ scientific personnel drawn from the consumer products industry to vet and guide the science behind the ingredients we market. We also develop our own science – in the form of high-quality clinical studies – to further increase the consumer perceived value behind our ingredient solutions. As a result, we find that our customers often choose us because of our commitment to strong science.

By delivering an unsurpassed mix of expertise, resources, and service, PLT Health Solutions is committed to helping both our strategic partners and valued customers grow.

The PLT Health Solutions Animal Health Ingredient Portfolio

Across a broad range of health and wellness platforms, PLT Health Solutions discovers, develops, and commercializes scientifically driven ingredient solutions to power leading brands. AprèsFlex, ceratiq, and Zembrin have had extensive review and been determined safe in animal health applications. The studies and messaging associated with these ingredients is derived from science conducted primarily with people.

AprèsFlex® 5-Day Joint Support is a synergistic combination of two proprietary extracts derived from Boswellia serrata gum resin, it has been the subject of 7 pre-clinical studies and 3 human clinical trials that demonstrate its support for increased joint comfort and improved overall joint health. One of the key features of AprèsFlex in any formulation is the clinical work in humans that has demonstrated efficacy starting at 5 days, at a significantly lower dose (100 mg/day) than other joint health ingredients.

ceratiq® Phytoceramides is a clinically studied, breakthrough for skin care. Human studies on ceratiq support a range of benefits associated with vibrant skin – including improved overall skin health, enhanced hydration, increased elasticity, suppleness, and a more radiant appearance. Ceramides have been shown to reduce itching, flaking, and redness in animal skin. ceratiq Phytoceramides was named the Ingredient of the Year in 2018 by Nutraingredients-USA in the Healthy Aging category because of the quality science behind it.

Zembrin® is a patented, standardized, and clinically studied extract of Sceletium tortuosum. In people, Zembrin has been shown to promote a sense of calm focus and alert serenity. Worldwide, millions of people have used Zembrin to help manage their stress, enhance mood, and improve cognitive functioning. Animal studies on the effects of Sceletium tortuosum go back decades, with various studies showing reduction in stress and anxiety in cats, dogs, horses, and chicks.

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