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About Indena USA

Indena is the world’s leading company in the identification, development and production of plant-derived active principles for use in the Pharmaceutical, Health-Food, and Personal Care industries. Indena brings several ingredients with efficacy studies in equine and companion animals, like Curcuvet® and Siliphos®, and a portfolio of standardized botanical extracts, to support member companies.

The key to Indena’s success is its research that covers: the screening of medicinal plants for pharmacological benefits; the identification of new active principles; the development of cutting-edge extraction and purification systems for industrial applications. Indena is concentrating its efforts on the industrial production of high-quality standardized botanical derivatives, which are important ingredients in health food products. The company produces standardized extracts from edible plants that are traditionally recognized as having therapeutic properties, as well as from plants that have proven pharmacological value.

Indena’s research and production activities are particularly attentive to plant-based principles that have antioxidant properties and prevent damage caused by free radicals. Backed by more than 90 years of botanical experience, Indena has developed a plantation network, managed by experts, to supply its research and production centers with officinal plants, while ensuring bio-diversity and protecting the ecosystem from uncontrolled harvesting.

A focus on efficacy, safety, and sustainability make Indena a unique supply partner.

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