Certified Through: 11/06/2024

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NASC Certified Supplier

About Cargill

Backed by over a dozen published studies with multiple studies specifically focused on canine benefits, EpiCor® Pets by Cargill is a natural* postbiotic designed for formulation into pet supplements.

EpiCor Pets is a postbiotic, which means it is composed of metabolites and beneficial compounds made through a natural fermentation process. How does this compare to prebiotics and probiotics? When you think of the gut microbiome, probiotics are like factories that use prebiotics or fibers as fuel during a fermentation process to make beneficial metabolites. With EpiCor Pets postbiotic you can fast-track this process and deliver those metabolites – and all the health benefits they offer – directly to the gut!

Not only that, EpiCor Pets is formulation friendly – it’s stable through extrusion and other manufacturing processes. EpiCor Pets also has a savory flavor that dogs love, making it simple to create supplements they’ll enjoy.

EpiCor Pets helps optimize a dog’s immune system. We know an optimized immune system supports response to daily external challenges dogs face. You can trust EpiCor Pets to:

  • Help dogs live healthier lives
  • Support a dog’s natural immune defenses
  • Provide natural antioxidant power
  • Support gut health by increasing helpful microbiota
  • Supports breath freshness

Excited to add EpiCor Pets postbiotic to your next formulation? Our team can help with any questions you might have.

*Natural as defined by AAFCO

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