Certified Through: 12/23/2025

The Preferred Supplier program is about quality and confidence in the supply chain from start to finish. In order to display the Preferred Supplier seal, participating companies satisfy stringent acceptance criteria each year to ensure ongoing compliance. If they are a Preferred Supplier, you can trust they’ve taken the critical steps necessary to display the seal.

NASC Certified Supplier


Since 1988, BIO-CAT has been the specialty enzyme industry leader. Today they are also the leading Bacillus probiotic experts. BIO-CAT and BIO-CAT Microbials offer a carefully curated portfolio of natural, non-genetically engineered enzymes and microbials for custom enzyme solutions and probiotic product innovation.

BIO-CAT focuses on complete customer service, providing only the highest quality enzymes to formulators, manufacturers and consumers. BIO-CAT’s exclusive relationship with the two top-tier Japanese enzyme manufacturers ensures only the highest quality enzymes available to all U.S. supplement manufacturers. Based in Virginia, BIO-CAT’s industry leading customer service is comprised of custom blending and formulating, just-in-time order replenishment, regulatory support and a best-in-class quality control lab.

BIO-CAT Microbials is proud of their expanding library of well-characterized Bacillus strains for Human Health, Animal Nutrition, and Crop Science. These probiotic strains are produced in their vertically-integrated U.S. fermentation facility in Minnesota, with plans to construct an additional 53,800 sq. ft. fermentation facility in Virginia. Both sites will be available to strategic partners for discovery and product development projects.

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