Certified Through: 02/08/2025

The Preferred Supplier program is about quality and confidence in the supply chain from start to finish. In order to display the Preferred Supplier seal, participating companies satisfy stringent acceptance criteria each year to ensure ongoing compliance. If they are a Preferred Supplier, you can trust they’ve taken the critical steps necessary to display the seal.

NASC Certified Supplier

About APC

Our mission is to help animals thrive through the use of innovative functional proteins that positively impact performance.

APC offers companion animal food, treat and supplement manufacturers high quality, protein rich ingredients including beef or pork plasma, natural flavors and hydrolyzed proteins.

Our ingredients provide superior functionality and natural health benefits, supporting immune, gut, joint and cognitive function. More than 40 years of research demonstrate the proven power of plasma derived ingredients across multiple species and the positive impact on the overall well-being of animals.

Learn how our ingredients provide value for companion animals by watching our video on YouTube at: https://youtu.be/NqhBjV_XSqo

Visit our website for additional information: https://apcproteins.com/applications/companion

Or contact us to ask for samples and how we can help you meet your brand goals: https://apcproteins.com/contact


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