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Certified Through: 05/31/2024

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About Aker BioMarine

Aker BioMarine is a leading biotech innovator and Antarctic krill-harvesting company developing krill-derived products for pharma, consumer health and wellness as well as animal nutrition. The company has a strong position in its industry and is the world’s leading supplier of krill, the natural, powerful and health promoting source of nutrients from the pristine waters of Antarctica. When developing our functional marine ingredients for pets, we kept our focus on the needs of pets and pet food/supplement formulators. Aimed at keeping pets healthy, QRILL Pet oils are rich in long-chain omega-3 fatty acids, choline and the antioxidant astaxanthin. The unique distinction of krill omega-3s is that they are mainly bound to phospholipids.

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All our products are certified by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC).

Our products



QRILL Pet Antarctic Phospholipid Oil is a is an all natural specialty performance supplement made from Antarctica krill (Euphausia superba). Qrill Pet Antarctic Phospholipid Oil contains easily utilised marine phospholipid omega-3 (EPA & DHA) the vital carotenoid astaxanthin and choline. QRILL Pet is a superior source of omega-3s, because its key fatty acids EPA and DHA are mainly bound to phospholipids. In other sources like fish oil, the omega-3s are delivered in triglyceride form. These two chemical forms make a difference. Omega-3s from triglyceride (TG) must first be re-built into phospholipids (PL) before they can be incorporated into cell membranes. It has been shown that omega-3 in TG form are more easily degraded and used as energy source than omega-3 in PL form. Hence, vital omega-3s from TGs will be lost before reaching the cell membrane. Omega-3 PLs, due to their chemical composition, are less available as energy and more efficiently incorporated into cell membranes where they can positively influence health. Omega-3, choline and astaxanthin all contribute to the health of pets. They are important for joints, brain, heart and liver and maintain a healthy skin and shiny coat. They also affect the whole immune system and overall mental focus and well-being.

Application: For pets as an omega-3 pet food enrichment or as a stand-alone supplement.

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QRILL Pet AstaOmega Oil is an all natural supplement sourced from Antarctic krill (Euphasia superba), rich in the best nutrients nature has to offer. A part from the fat fraction of krill provides this powerful dark red oil wich offers pets a compelling combination of the antioxidant astaxanthin and marine omega-3s, EPA and DHA. The unique advantage of AstaOmega is that all its nutrients come from a single source, free from preservatives or additives.

Astaxanthin is a powerful antioxidant known to protect the body’s cells and boost the immune system. Antioxidants are essential for optimal health of pets, cognition and longevity by preventing oxidative stress. The astaxanthin found in AstaOmega Oil is natural and both, sustainable and traceable. Produced onboard our vessels, AstaOmega also has a very short production cycle.

Pets are not able to develop essential omega-3 fatty acids in their bodies naturally and require supplements for a long and healthy life. Numerous clinical studies have proven the health benefits of long chain omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA. They are vital components in every cell membrane supporting cell survival, growth, renewal and other critical functions. EPA and DHA positively effect several organs, including the heart, kidney, liver, joints, brain, eyes and skin, and are beneficial to maintain a healthy coat.

Application: AstaOmega Oil can be marketed as a stand-alone supplement for pets or used as an ingredient in pet food or treat formulations.

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Antarctic krill are so low in the marine food chain and live in the pristine waters of the Southern Ocean, that are naturally low in accumulated contaminants. The Antarctic krill fishery is one of the most precautionary and best-performing fisheries in the world. Not only is the krill fishery strictly regulated, but it is also the only “A” rated reduction fishery in the world.

QRILL Pet AstaOmega Oil is also MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) certified. This means that the krill ingredient comes from one of the most sustainable fisheries in the world and can be traced back to the exact catch location of the krill.



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