Frequently Asked Questions

Pet/HorseHealthLive is supported by the National Animal Supplement Council helps provide meaningful information regarding all aspects of health for your horse & companion animal.

Pet/HorsehealthLive is an unbiased resource for information on products, companies and ingredients involved with animal supplements. Our support from the NASC connects us to the leading companies and experts who have years of experience in the animal health field. Pet/HorsehealthLive does not profit from the sales of products, but instead can review them with a trained eye to demonstrate which products, companies and ingredients offer the most benefits in the often confusing world of animal supplements.

No. Pet/HorseHealthLive is informative only and does not sell anything to remain unbiased in our product, company and ingredient assessments.

NASC is a non-profit trade organization comprised of companies committed to providing health supplements and nutritional supplements of the highest quality for companion animals, primarily dogs, cats and horses.

A product that supports maintenance of normal biological structure and function in dogs, cats and horses. These types of products include joint, kidney, liver, eye, heart … health and many others. They also include general nutrition products like vitamin & minerals, essential fatty acids, probiotics etc.

No. While the ingredients may be similar and the products manufactured in facilities that also make human dietary supplements, animal health supplements are formulated to address the specific requirements of dogs, cats and horses.

The goal of NASC is to provide a unified, consistent voice for animal health and nutritional supplement companies, create responsible and nationally consistent labeling and advertising guidelines, and provide consistent quality and production process controls for the industry.
Membership is available to industry participants that manufacture, formulate, bottler and sell products.

NASC created the Quality Seal as a way for consumers to know that when they buy a product, they buy from a reputable company. Only NASC member companies operating under the stringent guidelines of NASC for manufacturing, labeling and adverse event reporting, and demonstrating responsible participation are permitted to use the NASC Quality Seal. They must pass a rigorous on-site quality audit to display the NASC Quality Seal.

NASC members’ products are available in pet specialty retailers, mass market stores, veterinary clinics and hospitals, and through catalogs and websites. To see those NASC members who have successfully completed the quality audit and may display the NASC Quality Seal, click on the following link.