Red Collar Pet Foods, Inc.

Certified Through: 11/19/2021

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NASC Certified Supplier

About Red Collar Pet Foods, Inc.

For over 19 years, Hampshire Pet Products in Joplin, MO has been providing the best baked products to the pet food industry, along with cutting-edge and innovative ideas.  Recently we have obtained new ownership, Red Collar Pet Foods, Inc., and now have five sister plants with our home office located in Franklin, Tennessee.  We continue to support our three-prong approach to achieve our strategic plan – an unparalleled commitment to food safety, quality and innovation.

Our 200,000-sq.-ft. facility has three production lines and seven packaging lines, and we currently employ approximately 225 associates.  Our production department is divided into two main segments: processing (mixing, forming and baking), and packaging (packaging and assembling products for shipment). These two areas are supported and enhanced by our quality, sanitation, maintenance, engineering and warehousing personnel.

We also have our own on-site quality lab, where our technicians are responsible for over 30 quality checks throughout our production flow, along with the testing they administer on incoming ingredients and finished goods.

Count on Red Collar Pet Foods :

Red Collar Pet Foods is the co-manufacturer of several of the nation’s leading branded dog treats. Our commitment to our quality and food safety systems, along with our ability to consistently and successfully produce the most complex formulas in the industry, allows us to be a trusted manufacturing partner for our customers’ brands.

Corporate Brands
While Red Collar Pet Foods has the ability to provide our corporate brand customers with the leading baked products, we also provide them innovative and brand-specific products to enhance and extend their product line. As a leading provider of baked pet products, we continue to support our corporate brand customers by staying in touch with consumer demand and remaining in the forefront in our ability to provide exciting and new product offerings.

Customer-Specific Formulation
Our research and development department is dedicated to finding the best solutions for our customers’ formulation needs. The combination of our expertise in baked pet treats formulation and our ability to perform plant trials allows us to take the lead in supporting our customers’ specific formulation needs.

Product Shapes — We stock the standard industry shapes and sizes!
Customized/Embossed – If you are looking for a customized or embossed baked product, we will work with you to find the right shape and form to give you a stable product that endures packaging, shipping and handling. Our development process includes the ability to provide drawings, single-cavity molds and test sleeves to insure your final design meets your consumer and marketing needs.

Packaging Options
We take great pride in our state-of-the-art facility. Since we began production in 2001, we have continued to add the necessary packaging systems required to support our customers’ growing needs and our ability to expand packaging offerings. We are able to package our customers’ products in almost all packaging types and sizes.

Additional Product Offerings
We also offer Holistic Formulas, Natural Products, Organic Baked Products, and Topical Inclusions & Coatings.

For our 10th Anniversary in 2011,
we broke the Guinness World Record

for the World’s Largest Dog Biscuit!
Click here to see how we did it

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