Alaska Naturals Pet Products


The Preferred Supplier program is about quality and confidence in the supply chain from start to finish. In order to display the Preferred Supplier seal, participating companies satisfy stringent acceptance criteria each year to ensure ongoing compliance. If they are a Preferred Supplier, you can trust they’ve taken the critical steps necessary to display the seal.

NASC Certified Supplier

About Alaska Naturals Pet Products

Delivering the purest, healthiest seafood to the world is hardly an individual effort. It takes the strength of the fishermen, business partners, and communities we work with.

As we strive to provide the world with the safest and highest quality seafood available, nothing but the best will do. We apply our high standards to our business partners and products — all our fish are subject to rigorous food safety and quality protocols.

The clock starts ticking the moment the fish comes over the rail on the boat. Our success depends on getting the most out of every fish caught. We’re quite good at fully utilizing nature’s bounty — yielding the freshest sustainable sources for our fish oil, held to the same high level of accountability as all our products.

“From the Source to the Plate” has been our motto since 1973. Because we harvest, process, and innovate, in many instances we’re involved in every step of the supply chain. This means we’re able to maintain a high level of control over product quality and guarantee product integrity.

Our oils are extracted using a centrifugation process that applies low heat and a super-fast spin to insure the natural goodness of the DHA and EPA long chain omega 3 essential fatty acids oils is maintained. DHA and EPA from marine sourced fish are the best source of omega 3 fatty acids.

Alaska waters offer some of the cleanest most pristine waters on earth. There is very little industrial pollution that enters the waters, the temperature is cold and the currents are swift and cleansing. What this means is that our testing show that pollutants are extremely low to non-existent in our overall catch. We are able to offer omega 3 oils that are in natural form instead of from high-heat distillation that is necessary in oils from highly polluted waters.

Our HAACP and cGMP programs train our staff on the “how to” and the “why do we do what we do” programs that protect our products. We can insure the quality of our products through a comprehensive Chain of Command traceability program. Our paper trail starts on the boats and follows our products all the way through the process.


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